Evergreen Public School

Evergreen Public School is a small community school, offering Kindergarten to Grade 6 programming. Although we are small, we provide a solid, well-rounded and enriched education for our students. Kids come first at Evergreen School!

At Evergreen Public School we envision a school where children are valued, as society’s most important trust. It is the goal of every staff member to provide a safe and stimulating environment that fosters responsible learners, intellectual growth and a sense of well-being.

We provide a learning environment in which the children can develop as literate, self-motivated and directed problem solvers, with an awareness of the roles and responsibilities in a changing society.

Evergreen Public School has two kindergarten classrooms, staffed with specialized kindergarten teachers and early childhood educators, who are experts in early childhood development. Self-regulation is of great importance in our kindergarten programs and in the grades to follow. The school offers both Indigenous language studies, and French language programming to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

All kindergarten students are offered a free lunch every day, planned and prepared using the current Canada’s Food Guide and catering to the preferences of the students. Students are provided three meals/snacks each and every day!

Our doors are always open for families of our students.

Find out about all of the great learning that takes place at Evergreen, drop in to ask questions, and join us for our family activities throughout the year!