Each and every school within the KPDSB offers unique programming to help make your child’s education the best experience it can be. Some of our core programming includes:


Full-Day Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten program is an all day, every day program for students who are four and five years of age. The program builds strong foundations for our youngest learners and prepares them for the primary school years. Our Kindergarten classrooms are safe, bright and exciting places for children to learn with both a qualified classroom teacher and a certified early childhood educator (ECE) in the room (smaller schools may or may not have an ECE depending on class size), allowing for more personalized attention for each student. The teacher and ECE work as a team and students benefit from both of their expertise.

The learning in our classrooms is strength based and student-driven. Our caring and supportive Kindergarten educators foster children’s natural curiosity, often allowing students to direct the learning in their areas of interest using authentic and hands-on learning opportunities.

Our Kindergarten programming has been tremendously successful with 95% of our students graduating from our Kindergarten programs last year as fluent readers. In a KPDSB Kindergarten classroom, our students are engaged, immersed in the latest technology, cared for by dedicated professionals, and their needs are always put first.

Child Care

Our schools offer a variety of child care options for our families right in our schools! From before and after school programming for a wide range of ages, to toddler and preschool programs. Subsidies are available for some families based on financial need. Check the listing to the right to see what options are available at each of our schools.

French Immersion

We are proud to offer French Immersion programming to families in Dryden and Kenora. 

Valleyview Public School in Kenora is home to a very popular French Immersion program that begins in Kindergarten. New Prospect Public School in Dryden is home to a new French Immersion program that began September 2015 and currently offers French Immersion programming that begins in Kindergarten. Both programs offer a strengths-based approach where each child’s individual skills and interests help to guide the learning in the classroom.  

All students, regardless of the language spoken at home, are welcome to register for our French Immersion programs. Research shows that French Immersion is suitable for a wide range of learners—contact Valleyiew or New Prospect today to find out more about our French Immersion options!

Available at:

Valleyview (Kenora)
New Prospect (Dryden)

More Info:

Valleyview (
New Prospect (

French Immersion at Valleyview

French Immersion at New Prospect

Hockey Skills Academy

Our Hockey Canada Skills Academies are a complete program that includes a strong focus on academics, as well as hockey skill development, off-ice strength and conditioning, mental training and personal and team development. They are great programs for those students wanting to enhance their current skill set, and also provide an opportunity to introduce the game to students who are new to hockey and want to play for the first time.

For more information check out KPDSB Hockey Skills Academies.

Available at:

Evergreen (Kenora)
Keewatin (Keewatin)
King George VI (Kenora)
Valleyview (Kenora)
Sioux Narrows (Sioux Narrows)
Lillian Berg (Vermillion Bay)
New Prospect (Dryden)
Open Roads (Dryden)
Ear Falls (Ear Falls)
Golden Learning Centre (Balmertown)
Red Lake-Madsen (Red Lake)
Sioux Mountain (Sioux Lookout)
Ignace (Ignace)

More Info:

KPDSB Hockey Academies

Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts program is a long standing and popular program open to all students in the Dryden area.    

The program is offered at Open Roads Public School and is open to any interested student in the area to apply. A modified timetable allows students in the program to explore an increased focus on instrumental music, visual arts, drama and dance in addition to the regular curriculum. One third of your child’s day will be dedicated to the study of arts education.

Instrumental Music: Fine Arts students have three music classes a week, during which they learn to play brass, woodwind or percussion instruments. They learn a variety of musical selections, which they present in school assemblies as well as public and community performances. Students also have opportunities to take part in available music workshops and attend musical performances.

Drama & Dance: Our students actively participate in creative lessons that introduce various dramatic techniques. They will have opportunities for weekly presentations and feedback and may also participate in major theatre productions. Field trips to professional theatrical venues and workshop opportunities with dancers and actors are also provided as program enrichment.

Visual Arts: Students in the Fine Arts program spend three classes per week in studio activities that include drawing, painting, experimenting with various media, art history, three-dimensional creations, planning and layout of projects, sketchbook development, display considerations and critique.  Opportunities are provided for field trips to art galleries in the region and student work is often displayed in art shows both within the school and community.  

The program ensures our students are well prepared for English, Mathematics, Science and other academic subjects in high school. Through intensive instruction in a compressed timetable, Fine Arts students are expected to maintain their academic achievement at Level 3, or better.

Summer Learning Camps

Each summer, our schools in Dryden, Kenora and Ear Falls offer Summer Learning Camps to students in SK (Year 2 Kindergarten) to Grade 3 the area. 

With a focus on outdoor learning in a fun and active environment, our Summer Learning Camps continue to be popular with families. Students in the camps will build on their existing literacy and numeracy skills, as well as other important learning skills, while playing fun games and participating in different activities during the three week program. The programs are free to families with healthy snacks and lunches provided each day and are ran by qualified teachers. 

The Summer Learning Camps offer a great opportunity for students to maintain or even improve their literacy and numeracy achievement and the best part is, the kids are having so much fun, they often don’t even realize they are learning!

Outdoor Classroom

Love the outdoors? Keewatin Public School’s brand new outdoor classroom provides the perfect opportunity for children to learn about the environment while meeting the needs of 21st century learners through the opportunity to explore, engage and learn about sustainability, green technology and biodiversity.

Kindergarten children participate in weekly sessions where they create great ideas based on the Forest School concept nestled in the natural boreal woodland surrounding the school, with access to the Mink Bay Trail system and Lake of the Woods. Our brand new outdoor classroom concept, to be built in the summer of 2017 is based on the four elements of earth, water, air and fire and will ensure a vibrant living laboratory for students to learn and play in!

Call our school for more information. This exciting project is cost shared between the KPDSB, Ministry of Education and generous donations by the Keewatin Legion and other community partners.

Available at:

Keewatin (Keewatin)

Eye See…Eye Learn

We are proud to be a partner of the Eye See…Eye Learn program to support our youngest learners and their families.

Eye See…Eye Learn is a not-for-profit program designed to detect, diagnose and treat children with vision problems when they begin Junior Kindergarten (Year 1), so that every child can see and learn to the best of his/her ability. Statistics show that 1 child in 4 suffers from some kind of vision problem severe enough to impact their learning. With approximately 80% of classroom learning in Ontario school’s done through the eyes, vision problems could cause learning difficulties for your child.

Through the Eye See…Eye Learn program, local Doctors of Optometry provide OHIP-insured eye exams (1 per year at no charge with an Ontario Health Card) for Junior Kindergarten students, and if prescribed, the child receives a free pair of eyeglasses donated by the program’s eyewear partners. Funded in part by the Government of Ontario, the Eye See…Eye Learn program is helping Kindergarten students in the Northwest and across Ontario at no cost to families.

Interested families can go to and click on Find an Optometrist. Students at all of our schools are eligible for the program although travel may be necessary to visit a participating optometrist.

Families who have questions about the program are encouraged to contact the Ontario Association of Optometrists at 1-855-424-3735 extension 231 or Ann McDonald, Early Years Lead for the KPDSB, at 807-468-5571 extension 315.

Breakfast/Lunch Programs

We understand that many children have an early breakfast and are often hungry by the time they arrive at school. Many of our schools offer a breakfast program where a delicious, nutritious breakfast is offered daily, free of charge—Evergreen, Keewatin, Valleyview, New Prospect, Open Roads, Ear Falls, Sioux Mountain, and Crolancia.

At other schools (Golden Learning, Red Lake-Madsen) breakfast is offered on specific days of the week as part of a breakfast club.

Many of our schools (Evergreen, Valleyview, Open Roads, Golden Learning, Red Lake-Madsen, Sioux Mountain, and Crolancia) offer hot lunch options, where a monthly student calendar outlines when each meal is available.

Explore Program

Not all classrooms have four walls.

The Explore Program is available for students in grades 7 and 8 at Open Roads Public School. Three one hundred minute blocks per week will allow students to explore music, visual arts, outdoor education, and sports.

Students are not expected to be experts in any of the fields associated with the Explore program. The purpose of the program is to explore new opportunities and to push your own limits by participating with an open mind and positive attitude.

Outdoor Education:

· Fall Camping
· Archery
· Winter Camping
· Swimming
· Canoeing
· Tree Planting
· Canoe trip to White Otter Castle

Sports and Recreation:

· Yoga
· Canada Fitness
· Skating/Hockey
· Volleyball
· Personal Fitness – cardio and weight rooms
· Badminton
· Basketball
· Soccer

Available at:

Open Roads (Dryden)